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Internships represent a crossover point between academic study and real-world application, making it possible for you to “test drive” professional roles while tailoring your studies to achieve your ideal career path. Logapps offers a unique experience to get in the game, not watch from the sidelines: our interns get direct exposure to real clients, examine real challenges, and contribute to real solutions. 



Are You Game?

The Logapps internship program is open to motivated, independent thinkers in a variety of majors, including:

  •      Systems Engineering 
  •      Computer Science 
  •      Information Technology 
  •      Economics 
  •      Mathematics and Statistics 
  •      Business
  •      Finance
  •      Arts and Humanities

Real Work

Logapps interns develop Business Cases, Market Research, Cost Estimation Models, Statistical Models, Risk Models, Process Improvement Studies, Strategy Plans, System Designs, Application Prototypes, Analysis Studies, and other products across diverse areas within the public and/or private sectors. Interns are exposed to a wealth of knowledge and experience, all with the potential to transition into a fulltime, salaried role at Logapps.

Real contributions

In our program, you'll do challenging work in a supportive environment through clear objectives and goals, training and peer-to-peer collaboration, customer interaction and client-facing roles, weekly status discussions, and an end-of-assignment presentation.

Social Engagement and Teambuilding

At Logapps, teambuilding is both a professional and personal pursuit. Interns join the Logapps staff in career development activities as well as networking and social events designed to strengthen the team and build relationships within the firm and beyond.

  •      Peer-to-peer collaboration, sharing your projects and ideas with each other 
  •      Team outings and activities -- golf, go-karting, hiking, baseball games
  •      Volunteer activities, social events, and networking opportunities

Start your career in a meaningful way

All internships offer the chance to gain real-world experience. At Logapps, we offer you an opportunity to make a real impact on the real world.

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Intern Project Archives

Logapps started its internship program in the summer of 2014, and every year since then it has been a great success for our interns. At Logapps, we make sure our interns are being challenged to solve real-world problems and present their solutions to customers and stakeholders. Browse the project archives below to learn about what our interns have made possible.