Summer 2016

Requirements Automation 2.0

Continuing the work started by our innovative Summer 2015 team, two interns expanded the requirements automation project, taking the concept to a whole new level by utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP) libraries and using the machine to analyze the English language. The team followed an Agile approach and developed a prototype that was ultimately presented to Logapps managing partners and clients. 

Lessons Learned Database

Two interns designed a process and guidelines for capturing project lessons learned. The system they developed generates reports that highlight key lessons learned based on user-driven inputs and parameters.

Summer 2015

Requirements Automation

Three interns worked together and developed a concept for requirements automation. The interns conducted an in-depth literature review, researching machine language processing to validate the feasibility of the concept. The team presented the concept to Logapps managing partners, who immediately recognized the value of the concept and determined the project was worth pursuing. 

White Papers

Two interns collaborated with Logapps managing partners to develop two white papers on the topics of "Systems Approach" and Legacy COBOL Conversion." The white papers were subsequently shared with clients.

Website Remodel

Three interns developed the current Logapps website, upgrading the look and feel and functionality of our company's online presence. The team established and captured requirements, conducted market research, analyzed different website platform providers, designed and developed prototypes, developed the contents, interviewed users and test users, and finally produced and launched the site.

Complete list of Summer 2015 projects:

  • Wiki – Internal Website
  • Newsletter
  • Systems Approach White Paper
  • Legacy COBOL Conversion White Paper
  • Requirements Automation
  • Basis of Estimate Documentation
  • (Website)
  • Gantt Charts
  • Social Media Revamp
  • Benchmark Past Projects

Summer 2014

Our Summer 2014 interns produced a series of how-to videos for the Logapps YouTube channel!

Software Sizing 101

Introduction to the Technology Investment Process

Cost Estimation 101: Part 1

Cost Estimation 101: Part 2